Monday, October 27, 2008

"Flyer” Article and “Filler” Article

A flyer is a piece of advertisement. You either advertise for your products or your services. It is a brilliantly conceived and well-thought-out copy to give maximum impact.

What is a Flyer article then? Like a flyer, a Flyer article is written with forethought, you already know what you are going to write. You either have thought about it or it is from your creative juice. So when you write the ideas will just flow through and it does not take too long to complete the first draft. A Flyer article is a unique and original article that you have incubated for quite a while. It is well written and is appealing to the readers.

On the other hand, a filler is something that we use to fill up something. There is a small hole on the wall and you fill up the hole with something. You just need to do it or else it is an eyesore.

Likewise a Filler article is written without any preconceived ideas. There are no creative thoughts coming. You have no idea what to write. On the day when you are supposed to write but you do not know what to write. But you know you have to come up with something. Somehow you get an article out. There are no advance ideas for the article. This type of article is less attractive to the readers though it is a perfect article in terms of grammar and structure. There is no punch in the content

I would like to give these two terms some new meanings. A Flyer article is an article written with a lot of thoughts or ideas from your creative juice. The article is well written. It is compelling. It carries weight and the readers love it. A Filler article, on the contrary, is written with no original thoughts at all. There is no plan to write the article just that you have to write one. So a Filler article has less appeal.

A pillar article is a flyer article but not all flyer articles are pillar articles.

What is your comment?

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