Thursday, December 13, 2007

Active ageing -- gracious living

Active ageing -- gracious living

Nowadays we often hear elderly parents complain about their loneliness. They complain that their married children, who live apart from them, neglect them and that they are ungrateful and unfilial. Loneliness breeds resentment. It is not helpful for child-parent relationship nor good for health. They should change their mindset and live an active life. They should socialise with friends and relatives, take up hobbies or participate in various activities. Companions, laughs, talks will enrich and brighten their lives. It is good for health as well as good for the child-parent relationship.
Recently I visited a gracious old lady farmer. Although she is more than sixty years old, she is very active. Everyday she has a full schedule. Besides tending her fruit farm, she still finds time to take up English language course and takes part in other outdoor activities. She looks happy, healthy and confident. On top of that, the relationship with her married children is harmonious.
She is indeed a living example for other elders.

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