Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How does alcohol affect driving?

We are often told that alcohol and driving do not mix. But how bad is the effect of alcohol on driving? According to experts a drunk driver is affected by the following ways:

Psychomotor Skills:: Coordination and balance abilities are impaired.
Vision: The brain's control of the eyes is affected adversely by alcohol. A drunk driver tends to look longer at the centre of his driving scene and ignore the important events at the side.
Perception: A drunk driver is unable to interpret complex sensory information on the road.
Tracking: Steering a vehicle becomes a difficult task for a drunk driver.
Information Processing: The processing of information becomes slower as the brain is affected by alcohol.
Attention A drunk driver is unable to divide attention to two or more sources of visual information simultaneously.

Think of your family and don't drink and drive. If you do they will miss you forever.

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