Monday, December 17, 2007

The right way to resign

According to industry experts you should leave the company without burning your bridges:

1. Make known your next move: Talk to your boss honestly about your future whereabouts. If you don't he will find out sooner or later.
2. Serve enough notice: Give sufficient notice as spelt out in your contract. Leave the company in a nice way.
3. Do your job as usual: Continue to work your normal way until the last day.
You don't want to have a last bad impression. Do you?
4. Take initiative to get replacements for the company: You know better than anyone else about your job scope. Your boss will appreciate it.
5. Keep your network up-to-date: Inform your current boss and colleagues of your new posting. You never know you may want to return to your former company.
6. Do the exit interview tactfully: Do not complain about your boss or anyone in the office. Give constructive criticism by providing positive and negative feedback about the company.

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