Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to keep healthy while enjoying yourself?

Christmas is around the corner. It is time for fun and feast. But according to the research, during festive seasons, there are many more incidents of heart attack and serious digestive problems. How to keep yourself healthy while enjoying the joyous festival?

1. First and foremost, exercise your self-control so that you will not be tempted to over indulge in high calorie food.
2. The best way to avoid over eating is not to go to the party with an empty stomach.
3. Avoid fried items. Opt for boiled, baked and steamed food.
4. Eat meat and dessert moderately
5. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
6. If you must drive, do not drink alcohol. Fruit juice and green tea are the best choice.
7. If you over eat high calorie meals, you have to exercise harder to get rid of the sin

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