Friday, December 14, 2007

Eleven things a university student must do

A prominent Chinese community leader mentions in one of the Chinese newspapers the following eleven things that a university student must do:
  1. Cultivate a lifelong healthy living habit: One of the things he highlights is a habit of doing exercise regularly.
  2. Establish your ambition early: What is your ambition? A lawyer? An Accountant? A doctor? When you know where you are heading you can focus on your studies and spend more time on it.
  3. Study diligently.
  4. When you study do not learn by rote, you must understand the subject thoroughly.
  5. Learn to think independently. Do not accept fully what you have heard or read. Do research and find out the truth.
  6. Learn to be creative: Creativity is strongly linked to your ability to understand thoroughly, study diligently and think independently.
  7. Study Chinese: Raise your ability to listen and speak.
  8. Learn English: Learn to read, listen, write and speak.
  9. "Learn" the world: He recommends students to read 'International Herald Tribune', 'The Economist' and 'Business Week'.
  10. Learn to give speeches and debate.
  11. According to him this is the most important point: To be an honest and committed person. You must be honest not only to people you know but you must be honest at all times. Commitment means when you have decided to do something make sure that you are able to accomplish it at all costs.

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