Monday, February 21, 2011

Working Smart Be Effective

Working smart

It is essential to work hard doing the right thing but it is even more important to work smart, doing less but achieving more. Look at the following points and see how you can make changes for the better.

Goals: One important area of your life is your written goals. Goals give you direction, meaning and hope in life. Goals channel your energy one- directionally.

Be organized: Living an orderly life is a smart way to manage time. Things get done smoothly according to you prioritized to-do list. There is no need to rush about and get stressful.

Avoid procrastination: When you don’t adopt a do-it-now attitude, things still get done at the last minute, but it is carried out stressfully and hurriedly. In the end you are overwhelmed and exhausted because it is a rush job.

Manage paper: Handle an in-coming document only once. You can trash it, act on it, file it for reference or take action when it is due. Maintain a filing system which you can retrieve a document quickly and easily.

Delegation: Train your assistant to take on more responsibilities. He or she will be delighted to get the trust and the confidence from you to do the job.

Good working habits: Good working habits are about self management. Starting a new day early, writing things down, getting organized in advance and taking prompt action are some of the smart things you can do. It is also important to dress smartly and greet people you meet with a smile. Taking breaks while working is another effective way to clear clutter in your mind and renew your energy

Communication: It is a two-way traffic. Express yourself clearly and precisely in writing and verbally. On the other hand, listen attentively to understand spoken words fully. Effective communication is about responding to messages accurately

Be noticed: Don’t just work quietly, keep your boss posted about what you are doing on a regular basis. Don’t go to your boss with problems but let him or her know how you have tackled problems successfully at work.

Career growth: Plan your career path and work your plan. The most important thing is to keep learning and acquiring new skills. The more skills you have, the smarter you will be able to work.

High EQ: Knowing and controlling your own emotions is crucial. It is even more critical to read the moods and feelings of others so that you know when to approach them and when to back off.

Be trusted: The key to a successful career is to gain the trust of others, especially your boss, in you. Build the confidence by honoring your promises every time. People count on you because they know you can get things done as expected.

Solve problems: Instead of dwelling on a problem, be solution oriented. Think of a way to address a problem quickly before it becomes complicated.

Happiness: Feeling good about yourself has many advantages. Your outlook is optimistic and your thinking is positive. You open up many opportunities.

Change: Be adaptive at the workplace. Be ready to adopt new ways of doing things .There is progress and growth when there are Changes.

Skills: Employing the right skills to get a job done is the smart way to work. It is even more important to acquire more skills so that you are more valued at work

A balanced life: Life is not just about work. Paying equal attention to your health and family is crucial too. When you work without taking breaks your health will suffer. If you work long hours the relationship with your family will be neglected. You work hard and you should play just as hard

To work smart is to be proactive, to act and not to react.

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