Friday, February 11, 2011

Effective ways to develop your children

Develop your child

Your children are very knowledgeable about the advancements of technology, but do they know about the basic living skills? Here are some tips to get them to lead a “normal” life:

  1. Limit time for TV and the like: Avoid surfing the Net, using the computer, playing compute games or watching TV for more than two hours in a day. Don’t allow technologies to be their master. They must learn to manage time.

  1. Close to nature: Explore nature with your children. Start by walking around the park. Do camping or jungle trekking and get to know more about living things in the wild.

  1. Doing house chores together: Get your children to be involved and do cleaning up and tidying the place. They can also observe and understand how maintenance work, such as electrical and mechanical items, is carried out by adults at home. 

  1. Reading: Encourage and develop your children in the habit of reading at home. This is the most beneficial habit which lasts a lifetime.

  1. Charity: Involve your children in charity work so that they will know and learn about personal finance and giving back to society.

  1. Be happy with your children: Spend time to talk and listen to your children. Talk to them about school and be their friend. The closer you are to the them the easier it is for them to open up to you

  1. Avoid overdoing things for your children: Do not be over protective. Allow your children to experience what life is all about. Overly concern weakens the fighting spirits of your children.

  1. Set example: Show good example to your children and not preach. To cultivate the reading habit you have to read at home instead of watching TV. Be polite and respectful to your children when you want them to do the same to you.

  1. Life is more than just academic success: Life is also about happiness and creative development. Avoid applying too much pressure and stress like attending tuition classes. Let your children grow naturally and enjoy their childhood.

  1. Do not be materialistic: Stop the buying spree for your children. Happiness is not getting more and more things. Teach them to earn their own way to get what they want so that they know nothing comes easy.

  1. Avoid too much negative words: Negative words like you are stupid and you are no good dampen their spirits and damage their self-esteem and self-confidence. They will behave as though the negative characteristics are what they are.

  1. Build confidence: Avoid comparing your children with others. Praise when they have made progress and done well. Your children need your support and encouragement.  Motivate and guide then with positive feedback and  empowering them to be creative

The most important thing about child rearing is to discover and unleash their creative power.

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