Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating

We should eat to live and not live to eat, but we should enjoy eating to sustain our health and well-being. Here are the ways to eat healthily:

1. Chew your food: Do you know that it is the nose that triggers the digestive process? The aroma of delicious home-cook food creates saliva to aid digestion as soon as food enters your mouth. You taste the food to the maximum when you chew it well. Chew slowly so that the digestive enzymes in your saliva breaks down the food into smaller pieces for proper digestion

2. Eat Slowly: While eating slowly encourages easier digestion, it is also a way to avoid overeating. It takes a few minutes for you to realize how full you are. When you are eating in a hurry, you are more likely to overeat and put on weight. So, sit down and enjoy a meal

3. Avoid distracted eating: It is reported in the newspaper that distracted eating makes your fat. According to Dr. Brunstrom, a researcher in behavioral nutrition at the University of Bristol in England, the problem lies in recalling what one has eaten. Memory plays an important role in the regulations of food intake and distractions during eating disrupt that. Avoid working and eating lunch in the office and stop watching TV while having dinner at home and eat your breakfast without reading newspapers.

4. Breakfast: After sleeping and fasting for eight hours you need to replenish your energy by eating a nutritious breakfast to start a new day. The best breakfast food is oatmeal. According to John Gunther all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first says Josh Billings.

5. Healthy snack food: One of the effective working habits is taking breaks. Taking breaks restores the energy in you and snacking improves your cognitive skills. What can you eat while you take a break? Here are the 10 healthiest snack food

6. Avoid sugary drinks and drink more water: Among other things, sugar suppresses your immune system, contributes to depression, weight gain and obesity. Water makes up 60% of our body weight and the brain consists of 85 % water. Drink sufficiently (about 8 glasses) to keep your body hydrated. A little dehydration will interfere with your mental alertness.

7. More fruits and vegetables: Consuming fruits and vegetable is not only good for your health but your skin as well. Scientists say those who eat fruit and vegetables such as carrots and plums are considered more attractive. Yellow pigments called carotenoids found in certain fruit and vegetables play a key role in giving the skin that hue. Here are some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables: apricots, avocados mango, tomato, raisins, lemons, onions, ginger. Broccoli, spinach and garlic.

8. Green tea: A glass of green tea a day is good for your health. Apart from the anti-cancer properties found in green tea, Dr. Ed Okello from Newcastle University says green tea could protect the brain against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

9. Eat and burn calories: Do you want to stay fit and look sharp? Be active and burn calories by exercising regularly. When you exercise at a higher intensity level, you will be working harder, expending more energy and burning more calories. Enjoy eating but move your body. Do aerobic exercise such as jogging and swimming and anaerobic exercise such as weight-lifting to burn calories effectively.

10. Eat less but more often: Do not think that you will not gain weight by eating less often. You body will react and go into starvation mode and conserve calories. To speed up metabolism eat less but more often at regular intervals. You train your system to expect food and burn calories.

The chief pleasure in eating does not consist in costly seasoning, or exquisite flavor, but in yourself.

Horace (65-8 B.C.) Roman lyric poet.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I totally agree with you that we should eat to live not live to eat.

  2. Thanks for visiting and your comments

  3. Wonderful beat! I love the suggestions you have included here, gonna try this and looking forward that it really works.


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