Friday, February 18, 2011

Be Productive Be Successful

Be productive

Productivity is the result of effectiveness and efficiency. It is also about working smart by doing less and achieving more.  Here are the things that you can do to be more productive:

·         Skills: Learning a new skill is to adopt a new way of doing things. You will be more efficient and effective in getting thing done by using new techniques. You are willing to change for the better. To be more productive learn more skills.

·         Creative: Creativity brings about productivity by getting original and better ideas to get things done. Excite your mind to think of how you can employ new methods to do a job better.  

·         Communicate effectively: Express yourself clearly in spoken words and in writing so that your messages are understood fully. On the other hand, understand in-coming messages precisely. Productivity is affected when a message is misunderstood because a wrong action has been executed. 

·         Organize: Time spent in proper planning is time saved in doing the actual job. Things get done in an orderly manner. One of the ways to organize is a to-do list. It is a wonderful tool to focus on the most important tasks of the day. Getting organized is also an effective way to control stress.

·         Discipline: To be productive, you must be able to manage yourself by working on your plan accordingly. Act promptly and concentrate on the task at hand and think of nothing else.

·         Time:  Your productivity is measured by how quickly you get a job done. The longer it takes, the less time you will have on other tasks Execute within a time frame.

·         Manage paper:  Handle a piece of paper only once. You discard it, act on it, file it or take action when it is due. Learn to do proper filing so that you can retrieve a document easily and quickly.  Avoid paper clutter by clearing your desk daily. A messy desk will hamper productivity.

·         Energy:  Health and fitness promote energy in you. You work with alertness and eagerness when you are energetic.  

·         A balanced life: A balanced lifestyle is to pay equal attention to work, play, family and friends. You avoid such emergency situations like getting ill without taking breaks or working long hours, neglecting your family.

·         Peace of mind: Develop inner peace to be calm and collected. When you are composed, you see things with a proper perspective and you think clearly and sensibly.

·         Simplify: A simple way is the best way to get things done. Less time is required to do a job and it is executed in a straight forward way.

·         Goals: When you turn your dreams into goals, you can work out your yearly plan, monthly objectives and daily tasks. There is no waste of time and energy as your effort is channeled towards achieving your goals. 

·         Do it now:  Usually when something needs to be done it is time sensitive. The best time to do it is now. The longer you delay, the more pressing   it is to get it done.  It means you are working under stress to do a rush job.  Productivity is curtailed. The key is to avoid procrastination.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
Paul J. Meyer

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