Saturday, February 19, 2011

Find Happiness Be Happy


What is happiness? It is all about you. Let me elaborate:

1.      Happiness is about what you do: There is something you are passionate about and deeply interested in. You enjoy what you do and your work is beneficial to others. As an example, you enjoy writing motivational articles, and your articles are able to excite others to take action and improve their life. You get  satisfaction and fulfilling out of writing  because you find meaning in life

2.      Happiness is about what you think: Your thoughts dictate your moods and your action. Happy thoughts generate optimism and you look at things positively. Think of happiness when you get up first thing in the morning.

3.      Happiness is about how you live: Are you living in the past or the future? Happiness is here and now. Getting happiness is to live in the moment enjoying what you are doing mindfully. One effective way to live in the present is to go slow and enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as watching the sunset and listening to the falling rain. Another important thing is to live a balanced life. Life is not just about work. Spend time to be with your family, connect with friends and have fun

4.      Happiness is about how you are related to others: The more connected you are the happier you will be. It is because you are able to share your joy and sorrow with people you care. Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow reduces your sadness by half.

5.      Happiness is about what you fill in your heart: Happiness is about kindness, love, gratitude and forgiveness. How can you be happy when your heart is filled with anger, resentment and jealousy? 

6.      Happiness is about how you feel about yourself: Do you feel good about yourself? Do you enjoy peace of mind?  Are you feeling calm and collected? Feel the energy and confidence in you and be cheerful and joyous.

7.      Happiness is about how much you love yourself: When you care for yourself you want to look your best. You want to project a positive image and you are happy about your appearance. You look after your health; you eat right, you exercise and you have sufficient sleep.  You are happy with what you are.

Happiness is all about how you want yourself to be. Let happiness be with you always.

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  1. Happiness is all of the above, but for me a bit too much to remember. This is why I believe that happiness is pretty much an attitude, a way of simply being happy because life is so much more enjoyable if you are happy. With this attitude, you cannot avoid seeing the bright side of life, noticing the positive in any situation and notice the pleasant faces of people you meet and interact with. And when you do this, the same response will usually come back. A virtuous circle!

  2. All the above are very good tips which are the specifics of my belief that happiness is mainly a matter of attitude: Just be (or in the beginning maybe pretend to be) happy! Always see the good and happy side and find the positive aspects of things. Then your seven comments sort of happen on their own.
    The beginning of a virtuous circle!

  3. Thanks for your comments. I agree with you, when you decide to be happy, you are happy.


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