Thursday, February 3, 2011

Effective Ways to be Healthy and Young Longer

Healthy lifestyle

With the advancements of science and technology, human beings are able to live longer than before. According to Prince Court Medical Centre consultant physician and geriatrician, healthy aging specialist Dr Rajbans Singh, aging population is on the increase and that the average life span is now 75 to 80 years. How do baby boomers live a quality life in the golden years? Here are the ways to go:

  • Be active physically: You can find something you enjoy doing, allocate a time every day and stick to it. Go slow in the beginning. One of the best ways to exercise is walking. You can walk around the park, be with nature, bathe in the sun and breathe in fresh air.

  • Be connected: Maintain a close relationship and carry on to have sex with your spouse.  Stay connected with friends and relatives to care and to be cared. You live longer when you can share your joy and sorrow with love ones.

  • Be nutrition-conscious: Cultivate a habit of eating less but more often at regular intervals. This is to help metabolism and burn calories. Enjoy your food and eat slowly without reading newspapers or watching TV. Take a vitamin and mineral supplements tablet daily. Drink green tea to fortify your immune system. Green tea could protect the brain against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, say scientists. Eat more fruits and vegetables. According to scientists, eating fruits and vegetables lead to glowing skin. It is because yellow pigments called carotenolds, found in certain fruit and vegetables, play a key role in given the skin that hue. Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.

  • Be alert mentally: Learn something new, like blogging and writing articles. Attend classes to learn something you are interested in. Learn new words or a foreign language. Do deep breathing exercise to take in more oxygen to your brain.

  • Be happy: Adopt an attitude of cheerfulness.  Smile at people you meet. Be contented with what you are and what you have and make the best out of everything. The most important thing is to enjoy and live in the moment and not to allow the past to enter into the present and to worry too much about the future. .

  • Be positive: Dress smartly to improve your self-image. Look at the bright side of things so that you can cope well with adversities in life.

  • Be careful: Avoid falls and fractures. As you grow older your   bones are not as strong as they used to be. 

  • Be concerned with your weight: Stay in shape to avoid overweight. Obesity attracts critical illnesses and it takes a longer time for older people to get well.

  • Be aware of bad habits: Give up smoking and avoid drinking in excess. Getting rid of bad habits is to live a quality life longer.

  • Be interested in continuous learning: Live life more meaningfully by acquiring new knowledge. Gain new insights to enrich your mind.

Live more years in your life and get more quality life out of the years.   


  1. Being active physically is so important at any age. Plus, it's fun! I love to go walking around the park, especially in the mornings. It's so beautiful.

  2. An active lifestyle is essential for health and health is wealth. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi Charles,
    Thanks so much for participating in Fit Foodista's February blog carnival. It's articles like yours that make it all possible :)


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