Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Ways To Be Happy


Happiness is feeling good about yourself and it is also about living a rich, full and meaningful life. How do you go about doing things happily and just be happy? It’s about the way you live your daily life especially when you wake up first thing in the morning. Your mood and your thinking will set the tone for the rest of the day. Don’t get up on the wrong side of the bed, instead, just be happy and you will stay happy throughout the day.

  • In the morning: Wake up and get up early without being annoyed by an alarm clock. Start a new day with the right frame of mind. Think of positive and happy thoughts. Look forward to a new day with hope and be bursting with energy. What are your morning rituals? Do something upbeat like reading some motivational quotes to cheer you up.  I start a new day early while it is still in the dark by doing a Tai Chi session.

  • Meditation: Tai chi is a form of meditation in motion. It cultivates mindfulness. You think of nothing else but just pay attention and follow the graceful and continuous movements. At the end of a session you are composed and in a state of calm and peacefulness. It sets the mind right to start a brand new day with an upbeat feeling.   

  • Boost your energy: How do you cultivate energy? It is spending energy to gain more energy. The more energetic you feel the happier you will be. Exercise and sweat it out daily to be zestful and happy every day.

  • Have fun mindfully: Be totally relaxed to enjoy yourself while you are having fun. Immerse yourself in the activity and be lightened up. Happiness is here and now. Be happy now.

  • Mindful eating:  One easy way to be happy is to sit down and eat your food and do nothing else. Don’t read newspapers or watch TV. Eat slowly to savor the food.

  • Mindful working: When you are calm and collected and there is nothing to disturb your peace of mind, you will be able to focus on the job at hand. Your mindfulness will be further enhanced when you are interested in what you do. Feel good about yourself when you are at work.
  • Friends: When you are with friends be happy and cheerful and make your friends happy too. When you listen more and talk less, your friends will appreciate you more. When they are happy you are happy too. 

  • Pursue your interests and passion: What are your interests? What makes you happy? What are the things that you find meaningful? Do what you like and enjoy what you do; this is the way to bring you happiness.

  • Be contented: Contentment leads to peace of mind and happiness. Your mind is not tortured by your craving for more material things in life. Can you be happy with what you have? Count your blessings and you will know that you are living in abundance

  • Make others happy: Be kind and fill your heart with love. Look for the good in others and say a few words of praise and lift their mood. Greet someone you meet a very good morning to cheer him or her up.   It is simple and effortless to say a few kind words. You impact others positively and you also make yourself happy.

Think happiness, act happily and be happy.  

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.


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