Monday, February 7, 2011

Are You Writing Effectively?

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Are you able to captivate the readers by your writing? Here are some tips you can use to write effectively:

1. 3R- Refer, research and read: Do you own a dictionary? It is an indispensable tool for reference from spelling and grammar to the correct use of words. Do you do research before you write? It is a good habit to check the correctness of your facts. Do you read widely? Read to be more resourceful and learn how others put their messages across effectively

2. A strong title: Does your title carry emotional marketing value? Make it a habit to check your titles with Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer. As an example, the headline of this article has a total of 75.00% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV). My headline appeals equally to people's intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual spheres. It is a perfect balance.

3. In short: Short paragraphs and short sentences are easier to digest. Provide one point in one sentence and use short, simple and the right words. The beauty and effectiveness is in its simplicity. Here is an example: I came, I saw, I conquered.

4. Active verbs, active voice: I love you. You are loved by me. The police killed the innocent man. The innocent man was killed by the police. Active verbs and active voice are short and sweet and the message is straightforward and powerful in each sentence.

5. Useful information: Information is only useful if it can solve the problems of the readers. Write to serve a need, answer a question, motivate, uplift, encourage, guide, teach and enlighten.

6. Quotations: Add power and punch to what you have to say and reinforce your ideas, but use them correctly.

7. Grammar and punctuation: Get to know the rules of  grammar and punctuation. It is a good idea to get another person to edit your writing. Two heads are better than one.

8. Go right to the point: Don’t let the readers hunt high and low for your ideas. Do not write lengthy introduction. The most important thing is to make sure that the content matches the title and delivers answers to the title.

9. Avoid jargon, slang and cliché: Jargon is communicated specifically among specialized groups such as computer programmers and doctors. It is not suitable for general public. Slang is informal and is used during conversation among friends. It is not advisable for formal writing. A cliché is usually an overused expression that no longer has much meaning and is not interesting. Instead use clear and vivid expressions.

10. Be positive: Avoid writing two negatives. Change form “We will not act when there is no order” to “We will act when there is an order”. Do not make a negative situation worse like “We will not activate your account until you settle the outstanding amount”. Just write “We will activate your account as soon as you settle the outstanding amount”.

The most powerful way to write effectively is to write daily. Over time, quantity will develop into quality.

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