Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are You Feeling Good?

Feeling good

Are you feeling good about yourself most of the time? Feeling good is not a luxury; it is a necessity and the right way to live life. Here are the things that you can do to feel good and be happy.

  1. Change you thoughts to change your feeling: Thoughts are powerful. You act according to the way you think. Why not think positive and look at the bright side of things? You have the power within you to made changes and feel good.  Why torture yourself to feel bad about yourself and be gloomy? The choice is yours.

  1. Promote present moment living: Do you always think about your past mistakes and failures. Do not allow the past to restrain you from going forward in life. Look at the past from a different perspective. Failures are stepping stones to success by learning from past mistakes and doing  thing differently 

  1. An attitude of gratitude: Be thankful and be kind. Think of what you have in life and the support you have received from other people. Look for the good in others and pay compliment.  Say thank you to people who serve you. When you make others feel good, you feel good yourself. Think also about what you have achieved to feel good.  

  1. Develop energy: How do you get on-top-of -the- world feeling? Just exercise and sweat it out every day. Feel energetic and feel good.

  1. Meditation: Do yoga or Tai Chi to develop peace of mind and calmness. Feel relaxed and get a feeling of well-being.

  1. Plants: I have a pot of plants on my desk in the office. I feel good just by looking at the broad green leaves of the thriving plants. Plants provide positive vibes, reduce stress and air pollution indoor.

  1. Look smart: The easiest way to feel good is to dress smartly. When you look good you feel good instantly. It boosts your self-image as well. Go for a spa treatment or a massage to pamper yourself.

  1. Be confident: Planning  ahead, carrying  a to-do list and living an orderly life is the way to avoid anxiety and promote confidence. You feel good to get things done smoothly with less stress.  

  1. Be hopeful: When you have set your goals you work hard to reach your objectives in life, you look forward to each new day hopefully. You avoid depression by avoiding aimless living.
  1. Take breaks, go slow: Taking a break, enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting with your co-workers is one effective way to release tension and renew your energy. Go slow and be with nature. Listen to the sound of the waves rushing to the shore. Get up early to witness the rising sun. Smell the flowers in your garden. These are some of the wonders of nature to marvel and make you feel really good.

  1. Get connected with positive and happy people:  Be with people who are optimistic about life. Go to them and crack a few jokes and laugh out loud. Uplift your mood when you spend time with the right company.

  1. Continuous learning: Read motivational quotes and articles to be upbeat about the future. Learn new things to stimulate the mind. Read  to be enlightened  and find new  meaning in life

Think right and feel good.

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  1. Great tips. So much of our physical well-being really starts with our mental well-being. Having a positive outlook can really be a big step in achieving your goals.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I fully agreed with you.


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