Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Psychological Secrets about Human Relationships

10 Psychological Secrets about Human Relationships

There are many ways to apply psychology for better human relationships. Here are the top secrets:

  1. Positive body language: The first impression is about your body language. Your smart personal packaging, your smiling face and your alertness will be a welcome signs to others.

  1. Understand the psychological needs of the other person: Try to find out more of the person so that you can have a better understand of his needs. The person that you are dealing with will be delighted to note that you are such an understanding person.

  1. An interesting topic: Do you know the interests and passion of the other person? When the topic of conversation is of interest to the other person, you will have a better connection with him.

  1. Make the other person feel important: Remember his name, his work and his interests. When you know more about the other person you send a signal that you care about him and you make yourself likable.

  1. Compliment more: Talk less about yourself and compliment more of the other person. In this way you boost his self-esteem and his self-confidence. Treat him like a guest. Make him feel important.

  1. Show you care: Make a call just to say hello or make other gestures to show you are concerned. Do it sincerely.

  1. Beware of what you say: Say what you mean clearly and do not allow others to interpret differently of what you have said. Avoid misunderstanding.

  1. Be humorous: A harmless joke will neutralize, otherwise, an embarrassing situation.

  1. Follow social etiquette: Do not be overly friendly. Treat the other person with respect in all dealings

  1. Pay attention: When another is talking to you, pay full attention. It tells the other person that you are interested. When you are focused, you will have a better understanding of the other person. He will be very pleased with you because of your attentiveness.

You will get things done through others easily and smoothly when you are effective in people skills.


  1. Through personal experience, I definitely believe that complimenting others and asking questions about their lives are great ways to begin a conversation and/or a relationship.

    P.s. I found your blog by clicking "next blog" on blogspot.com. I enjoy reading your entries.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment. I am happy that you like my articles, thank you.


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