Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow Down to Live and Enjoy Life – 10 Joyful Tips

10 Joyful Tips

In life we should seek quality instead of quantity, calmness instead of restlessness and be restful instead of stressful. The fast pace of living is detrimental to our life. Here are the 10 tips to a balanced life for greater enjoyment, better health and more peace of mind:

1. Be an early riser: Getting up early every morning allows you to avoid all the rush to get things done like sending your children to school. You can profitably use the time to organize the day ahead of you so that you go through the day smoothly and calmly.

2. Meditation: This is my morning ritual. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is to practice a round of Tai Chi. This is a form of meditation in motion. Tai Chi consists of 108 very slow and continuous movements. When you do it and your mind is wondering you tend to do it faster. To reap the benefits concentrate your mind and soul on the movements. At the end of the session I feel calm and relaxed and it set the pace for me for the rest of the day.

3. Eat slowly: Get away from your workstation and go out to take you meals. Sit down to eat and chew and savor each mouthful. When you eat in a hurry you could be overeating. It takes time for the brain to signal you that you are full.

4. Sleep: You don’t sacrifice sleep to do more. You are burning a candle at both ends. Sufficient sleep is essential to recharge your battery and restore your energy. When you get up the next day you are fresh and you can live the day fully and energetically.

5. Take frequent breaks: Have a break when you feel tied. Get up to stretch your body and walk about or enjoy a tea break in the afternoon. You will work better that way.

6. Go back to nature: This is a way to help you slow down. To enjoy nature you have to be patient, Go to the beach, look at the sea and listen to the waves. Visit the county side, look at the greenery and listen to the birds chirping on the trees. Admire the blooming flowers in your garden and study the snail crawling on the ground. These are some of the delightful things that you can do to take it easy.

7. One task at a time: When you have too many things in your mind you are not paying your full attention to the task at hand, you tend to make mistakes. Write down the things you are thinking about that you have to do later and focus on the current job.

8. Look after your health now before it’s too late: Don’t think that you can work continuously with no concern for your health. I have just heard of a hardworking guy who is forced to take rest, perhaps, for the rest of his life because he has suffered from a stroke recently. He thinks that a person should be busy all the time and laziness is a waste of time.

9. End the day well: Before you go to sleep make sure that there is nothing to bother you to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. You have already taken care of any outstanding issues by putting them in the to-do list for the following day. Instead of watching your favorite TV you go to bed early with peace of mind and you will be an early riser the next day.

10. Quality instead of quantity: Don't rush and create tension just to do more. A hurried life is damaging to your health and well-being.

Learn from nature and appreciate yourself. The sun rises and the sun sets. There is a time for everything in life and when you are doing it, be mindful about it, appreciate it, enjoy it and be happy.

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  1. This is brilliant. I need to remind myself of these 10 steps often. Thank You!


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