Saturday, April 4, 2009

Google and Superbrands Malaysia 2009

Google and Superbrands Malaysia 2009 (New Straits Times)
The following are the Malaysia’s top 10 favorite brands for 2009, according to the latest findings from Superbrands identified over 500 of Malaysian consumers' favorite brands across 93 categories of consumer products and services. The brands were then ranked according to the greatest number of consumers identifying the brand as their favorite.

1. 100 Plus
2. Sony
3. Google
4. Maggi
5. Panasonic
6. Shell
7. Gardenia
8. Colgate
9. Dulux
10. Honda

It is interesting to note that Google is the only online brand among the top favorite. The rest of the brand you can either eat it on its own or drink it or drive in one or use it at home but you can’t keep Google to yourself. Can You?

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