Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Present your Article Content to Attract Readers

As you know the title of an article is the most important thing that attracts readers’ attention. Readers will decide whether to read your article or not just by having a quick glance at your article title. The way you present your article content will also be another deciding factor by the readers to peruse your article. Here are a few tips to present your article content to attract more readers:

Articles about stories and facts: This is best to present a story from one event to another and facts from one fact to another in paragraphs.

Articles about tips and benefits: The most effective way to present this kind of articles is to put them in bullet points so that the reader can read and digest the article easily and quickly.

Spacing: Having a page full of writing with paragraphs close to one another will surely turn your readers off. Provide ample spacing from one point to another and from one heading to another.

Images: Whenever possible an image should be included in an article. It will definitely spice up your article and the readers are stimulated to read your article. As an example my article, Baby Boomers – The 7 Ingredients of Happiness, there is an image of an elderly couple walking hand in hand along a deserted beach. The image is so romantic and it serves very well to complement my article because the picture vibrates a feeling of happiness and contentment. The readers will be fascinated to read the article. In fact there is a website, Myera, linking to this particular article. There is another article of mine, Girls – 10 Safety Tips to Look After Yourselves, with an image of a frightened girl which is featured on Google Video . Just fancy that.

Present your article content in such a way that the readers are captivated to read.

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