Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Negotiate for a Raise – 7 Crucial Tips

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Are you in a fortunate position to ask for a salary increment? If you think there is an opportunity for you to ask for a raise, why not? Here are a few tips to increase the chances of success:

1. Find out your worth: What are your strengths? Know your own value and the benefits that you can offer.

2. Know what is expected of you: Know what your boss is looking for and make sure you meet his needs and expectations.

3. Trust and mutual respect: It is easier to get what you want when you trust each other and there is mutual respect.

4. Use a combination of emotion and logic: As an example, besides demonstrating your working capability in the office you could mention your loyalty to the company because most of the staff do not stay long. This way you stir up his emotion in favor of you.

5. Ask for more than you think you can get: Always ask for the maximum amount that you can get within reason especially when you know your maximum worth

6. Direct eye contact: When you ask for something you want look directly at the person. When you are constantly shifting your gaze or looking down, the implication is that you are not sure of yourself.

7. Be prepared: Be sure to document your achievements so that you are armed with facts and fugues to support your claim.

One thing to remember is that your boss needs something you have – or else your boss wouldn’t be bargaining with you.

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