Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Promote Yourself – 3 Critical Steps

Do people in the same industry know you well? When you are not noticed by others it means you wouldn’t get paid well. You have to promote yourself so that you can be recognized by others. Here is the three-step process to promote and market yourself:

1. Identifying yourself: What do you want yourself to be perceived as? Identify your strengths. Find out your interest and passion. Check out the things that you can do better than others with ease and also the things that mean a lot to you and to others. As an example I am interested in writing articles and I can write an article a day. I want to be known as an article writer and a blogger with a niche blog (Self Improvement). First thing first, find out what do you want yourself to be known as?

2. Your track record: The next stage to promote yourself is to build up your credentials. Again I am using myself as an example. As an article writer I have written more than 500 articles over a period of 17 months. I have also posted an article a day to my blog at the same time on a subject relating to my niche – self improvement. This is how you establish your track record.

3. Networking online and offline: Networking means you have a group of like-minded people in your circle of influence. When the need arises you can seek help within the group.

Offline: Get to know more people by expanding your circle of contacts, especially those in the same industry. Get to know the latest happenings and keep yourself up-to-date.

Online: Update your profile at Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. These are powerful networking places. Make friends with people sharing similar interests.

When you have established your personal brand and you have also built up your track record and get yourself noticed by others, you will, very likely, attract the attention of headhunters. The opportunities ahead of you will be without limit.

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