Friday, April 17, 2009

Conducting a Meaningful Performance Appraisal – 7 Productive Tips

Conducting a Meaningful Performance Appraisal – 7 Productive Tips

The purpose of a performance appraisal or review is to determine how well an employee performs his job to meet specific results. An effective review of performance is an important part of an employee's development process. Here are a few tips to make the appraisal meaningful:

  1. Uniformity: It means the same system of appraisal is used for the same category of staff.

  1. Be honest: Identify a worker's strengths as well as his weaknesses in relation to his performance He needs to know what he is doing right as well as doing wrong.

  1. Training and development: When a worker does not measure up to expectation he should be provided with further couching to make him a competent worker. The care and concern of the management will be appreciated by the employee and he is motivated to strive and do a better job. Likewise an employee who meets or exceeded expectation should be groomed to move up the ladder.

  1. Be Objective: Focus on the measurement of the employee's achievements in a particular job and not his or her personality traits.

  1. The aim of the appraisal: Make it very clear to the employees about the objective of the appraisal in order to get the full recognition and participation of the staff.

  1. Two-way communication: An Employee is strongly encouraged to highlight his or her work during the appraisal session. The supervisor and the employee should discuss expected and actual performance with reasons and ways to improve upon things such as attitudes, knowledge and skills.

  1. Fairness: The appraisal system should be carried out fairly among all staff so that it is accepted by them. There should be a clear procedure for the employee who feels that the review was handled unfairly to appeal to the next level of management.

“When measuring performance you must remember that you're not trying to measure the “person” of the individual; you‘re trying to measure the "contribution “of the individual,” says F. E. Reese.

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