Monday, January 5, 2009

Unsafe Sex at the Expense of Their Wives

It is front-page news in a local Chinese newspaper. According to the health ministry among the 13600 female AIDS sufferers they are 8160 married women or 60% of all female sufferers. The reason is because the husbands do not use condom when they have sex with their wives. The Minster of Health, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, points out that when you know you are HIV infected and you pass it on to your wife, it is against the law and can be charged in court. He also mentions that there is an alarming trend that housewives occupy 49 % among female sufferers.

It is further reported in the paper that quite a number of Malaysians married men do not like to use condom when they have sex with their wives. It is like having a shower with your raincoat on. Moreover, they do not want their wives to be suspicious of their extramarital affairs. However, there are cases where the wives are infected before they get married and they are not aware of it.

The situation can be summed up in a Chinese proverb: δΉζžη”Ÿζ‚²(le ji sheng bei). It means extreme pleasure brews tragedies.

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