Friday, January 9, 2009

Blog Carnivals, and Your Articles

Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a blog event. It is a collection of articles based on a particular theme of the carnival hosted by a blog owner. There are three parties involved in a carnival:

The Organizer: An organizer makes arrangements to gather information in one place about all carnivals so that interested parties will be able to find out the following:

The theme of the carnival
The host of the carnival
The date of the carnival
The submission criteria

The host: This particular blog owner will compile a list of all accepted articles pertaining to the theme stipulated. (e.g. A blog carnival about traffic tips) and post them at his blog. You do not see the actual articles at his site but only links to other sites where the actual articles are located.

Bloggers: Bloggers submit their article links to the organizer to let the host to decide on the final selection. You are either notified when your article is selected or you have to find out yourself at the host’s blog.

One such famous organizer in the blogosphere is When you go to their site you will be able to see a listing of carnivals stating:

Name of carnival
Date of carnival

When you click on one particular carnival you will see more details such as the name of the host and submission criteria.

Your articles

You, as a blogger, will go and visit the organizer's site and in this case it is to look for suitable carnival to participate. When your article is accepted, a one-way backlink to your site is created at the host’s site. Here is an example of a blog carnival:
At the site of the host you can see a list of clickable links to all the articles accepted by the host. When you click a particular link you will be directed to the site where the article is originated to view the article in full.


I make it a habit to visit at the beginning of every month to look for suitable carnivals to join. You will be happy to note that when an article is accepted there is link juice to your blog.

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