Monday, January 19, 2009

Help Your Children to Succeed at School -10 Top Tips

Help Your Children to Succeed at School -10 Top Tips

How do you help your child to excel at school? You don't have to be a teacher or highly educated. Here are the 10 top tips:

1. A loving home environment: Make your home environment conducive for your child to study. Shower your child with love and show your concern for your child’s school work, Set a regular time table at home for him to do his homework. Monitor his progress in all subjects.

2. Reading habit: Set a good example for your child by reading books yourself.
Supply him with adequate reading materials and he will follow your reading habit.

3. A suitable place to study: Provide him with a study corner so that he can do his homework and reading. Make sure that the place is well ventilated. The other point to note is that the table should not be facing a window. It is to avoid distractions from outside.

4. Set realistic goals for your child: Depending on your child's capability, you set attainable but challenging goals for you child.

5. Examination time: Help you child to organize and prepare for the examination. You must know his examination timetable.

6. TV and Internet: Place a limit for him to watch TV. Actually TV is a time waster. Do not let the TV take over your place to look after your child. Be vigilant when your child is surfing the net.

7. Motivate and reprimand your child: Show your appreciation and reward him for his good behavior and good performance at school and reprimand his misconduct accordingly.

8. Health: A robust health and fitness will ensure that your child can concentrate on his study. Encourage him to be physically active like going jogging with you on a regular basis.

9. Be active in school: Get to know the school better by participating in PTA meetings and joining events organized by the school.

10. Meet your child’s teachers: It is an excellent way to find out your child’s progress in school by talking to his teachers.

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