Thursday, January 15, 2009

Article Writing - From Writing to Editing

In the course of my daily article writing I employ the following sequence for each article.
The first stage is writing the article and the second stage is to edit the article.


This is a preliminary stage to gather your initial ideas and thoughts. It is the so-called freewriting stage. At this stage you write very quickly to capture the ideas that occur in your mind. At this point don’t worry about grammar and spelling mistakes. The most important thing is to record your points in writing. When you are stuck with a word just put xxx and continue to write. This should not take too much of your time for the first draft, perhaps about 20 minutes. When you are running out of ideas you can have another round of writing when there are fresh ideas.


When you have all your ideas recorded in your first draft you can now turn on the spelling and grammar checker to look for all the mistakes. As you know, there are many spelling mistakes that it cannot detect. You have to check the whole passage carefully yourself. I can tell you two common mistakes of mine here:

You and your
Manger and manager

It is also at this stage that you fine-tune your writing by inserting the missing words that you get stuck in the first draft and replacing words with more suitable ones. It is also prudent at the stage to engage someone to proofread your article especially on grammar and spelling errors. If you can't, you can do it by yourself by reading it aloud. It is effective to identify mistakes when you read the article aloud yourself.

When you have edited your article you can hit the submit button to post your article.

Happy writing.

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