Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Retrenched - How Risky is Your Job?

The most frequently used word nowadays is “retrenchment”. The financial crisis is getting from bad to worse and the worst is yet to come. Check the following statements to find out how risky your job is.

• My job can be considered routine.

• Even if nobody does my job there is no immediate impact to the company.

• If someone takes over my job he can master it within a very short period.

• I always refuse new assignments given to me by my superior.

• I have never taken the initiative to suggest new ideas or better ways of doing things.

• My performance review in the last three years is only mediocre.

• I am not able to reach the performance standards set by the company.

• My salary is more than commensurate with my work.

• I always apply for leave, come late to work and knock off early.

• I always leave on time and I have never volunteered to do overtime.

• There is a very slim chance of me getting promoted.

• I am unlikely to be given important assignments.

When you answer more yes to the above statements you are at a higher risk of getting retrenched. You need to change your attitude at work to keep your job.

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