Saturday, January 17, 2009

Plurk - A Social Networking Site with a Difference

Have you heard of Plurk? It is an interesting social networking site quite like and is different from Twitter. As at January 2, 2009 it has a Traffic Rank of 7141 and a PageRank of 6/10.

You sign up just the way you do at any social networking sites. When you are at the site you will be able to see postings by members according to a timeline. When you move to the right side you can see older postings and when you move to the left you can see the latest postings. The postings are shown according to the time as they are posted at the bottom of the page, Like Twitter it is limited to 140 characters per posting. Plurk supports group conversation as well as one to one and allows usage of emoticons together with the usual text micro-blogging.

At your profile page your will see a numerical value attached to your “Karma”.

You can get more karma by updating your profile and by quality plurking each day. You can also gain karma when you get responses from other plurkers. Inviting your real friends will also boost your karma. Your karma will be lower if you request friendship and get rejected, getting no-follow by friends will also lower your karma. Spamming other users and inactivity for a long period will decrease your karma. High karma gives you access to exclusive emoticons.

Plurk stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Karma and Plurk = People +Lurk.

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