Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hold Onto Your Job - 7 Effective Tips

The present worldwide financial crisis is the worst in the history of business. For Malaysia the worst is yet to come. It is prudent to take precautionary measures to keep your job. Here are the 7 effective tips:

  1. Accept a pay cut: Accept wholeheartedly the proposed pay cut. It is better than getting retrenched. Brace the hard time with the company that you are working for and go through this difficult period without complaining.

  1. Keep your smile: Do not listen to rumors. They disturb you mentally. Be happy and carrying on working as usual.

  1. Create value for the company: One positive thing that you can do at this critical stage is to create value for the company by increasing revenue, reducing expenses or enhancing the image of the company. Do one of these things well and you will be highly valued by the boss.

  1. Lifelong Learning: Keep yourself up-to-date in your area of expertise and increase your knowledge of other relevant skills like communication, negotiation and management. Create room for you to move side way and upward.

  1. Information alert: Study the news like national policies, business trend and the decisions taken by your company. You equip yourself with the latest information and be ready with the next move.

  1. Networking: Fine-tune your people skills and keep in touch with your circle of influence. Knowing the right people is more important than knowing the right things to do.

  1. Do better and do more: Expand your role. When you can do your job and still take on more assignment you will be the last one to be considered for retrenchment. At the same time take a look at your job critically and see how you can be more valued to the company by improving your performance further.

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