Monday, January 12, 2009

Office Politics - 5 Smart Tips

Office politics is part and parcel of office culture, be smart and you will not be stabbed at the back or overlooked when opportunities present itself. Here are the smart tips:

  1. Make friends and not enemies: Do not gain personal advantages at the expense of others. You work as a team in the office and you cannot afford to have enemies at the workplace.

  1. Be ambitious but do not show: When your colleagues know your ambition, they may be jealous and may try to sabotage you. Work the smart way; do your job well without encroaching into your colleagues' boundary. Do not “endanger” their livelihood.

  1. Hasten slowly: When you think that you are better than your boss and you can take over his post by going to his boss, think again. You may not get what you want and at the same time you have created ill-feeling between you and your immediate boss. Play your role well and wait for the green light before you make the next move.

  1. Getting along well with your boss: Communicate with your boss often. Do it in a low-key way so that it is not being noticed by others. Your boss is lonely at the top. If he finds that you are the one that he can confide in, you will be in his good book.

  1. Accept extra assignment: You should readily accept additional tasks beyond your role especially when you are aiming for a position which you don't have much experience. As you gain the necessary experience you are much closer to the position that you are looking for.

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