Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 7 Vital Ingredients of Successful Parenting

 The 7 Vital Ingredients of Successful Parenting

To bring up smart and obedient children you need the following 7 vital ingredients:

1. Love: Love means being in the presence of your children. On a daily basis spend some quality time to talk to your children, share jokes and stories with them. Allow free flow of conversation between parents and children. Pay close attention to questions and feelings. When you give your children abundant love you give them a sense of security, belonging and support.

2. Patient: Give your children more time to learn when you help them with their homework. As parents you are full of experience and knowledge and so you are able to do things faster. You have to give them allowance to learn at their own pace. Do not scold them when they are not progressing as expected.

3. Confidence: Believe in your children and help them to develop their self-esteem. Show pride in your children's academic growth and accomplishments. Help your children to perceive themselves as capable problem solvers. Avoid verbal criticism and praise them when you catch them doing something right.

4. Be open-mined and a good listener: Try to understand your children’s point of view. Put aside your feelings and beliefs and give your full attention to them.

5. Humanity: Adopt a learning attitude. As parents you should embrace the concept of lifelong learning. Get to know the new concepts of child rearing.

6. Moral Values: Teach your children right from wrong. Teach them about basic values and manners so that they can get along well with others. Set personal example about honesty and kindness.

7. Treat your children with respect: Say “please’ and “thank you” to your children. When you treat your children with respect they will, in turn, treat you and others respectfully.

Successfully parenting means helping your children to grow up with high self-esteem.

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