Saturday, January 10, 2009 and Your Blog is a website that provides vital statistics of your blog. It is like a doctor monitoring your health 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In this case is checking the popularity of your website round the clock.

When you sign up you will be able to check out, among many other reports, the following:

Summary: A summary of your website by the day, week, month, quarter and year.

From the summary you will be able to see Page Load (the number of times your pages has been visited), returning visitors, first time visitors and unique visitors. From the summary you can see the trend of your website. Is it moving up or is it coming down? On a day to day basis you will be able to identify your popular articles.

Popular pages: From this report you will know what your popular articles are and you should be writing more of them.

Came from: This report highlights the sources of your readers. Are they coming directly to your website or from referral sites? When you have more direct visitors it means your site is well known and they go to your site directly,

Keyword analysis: This report is about search engines and it is able to give you a clue of the popular search words used. You can write articles based on these popular keywords to attract more readers.

Visiting length: How long the visitors stay at your website will determine how compelling your articles are.

Returning visits: The more returning visitors you have means the more loyal readers you have.

Country/ State/City/ ISP: This report tells you where your readers are from. The more countries listed means the more widely your site is able to be reached.

The reports are so comprehensive that you need to spend quite a while to digest. I would advise you to focus on a few keys reports such as the summary, recent came from and recent keywords activity. The other beautiful part is that most of the sites in the reports are clickable. It means you can go to the sites mentioned in the report.

When you have a blog I would urge you to install the widget at your site to track the performance. It is FREE and it is a very essential tool that that you can't blog without it.

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