Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Retain Good Employees - 5 Top Tips

Valued employees leave the company for many reasons. They may leave the job because of higher pay else where but more often than not the push factors within the company compel them to leave for greener pasture. They are no longer happy to work in the same company. Here are some of the reasons:

Lack of appreciation for excellent performance: Top performers, like any other staff, need a pat on their shoulders from time to time to keep them motivated.

Insufficient meaningful and challenging work: The work may not be as varied and interesting as expected. Moreover there isn’t enough work and responsibility to keep them meaningfully occupied.

Little autonomy: Every now and then they have to refer to you to get a job done. It frustrates and demoralizes them to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

Limited career advancement: Positions at the top are limited or virtually nonexistent.

Poor communication: Top performers are result oriented. They want to know the visions and goals of the company. They may leave when the future outlook of the company is blur.

Her are the top tips to retain valued people:

1. Create opportunities for them to excel and develop.

2. Appreciate and reward more of top performers.

3. Allow good people to make their own decisions and encourage them to take on more initiative.

4. Create rooms at the top for top performers.

5. Open up more communication channels.

It is a good practice to do exit interview. When someone leaves the company there is always a reason. Find out why.

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