Friday, December 19, 2008

Bed - 7 Feng Shui Tips for Better Health and Fortune

The time that you spend in bed is more or less one third of your life. The location of your bed will affect your health, career, marriage and fortune auspiciously or inauspiciously. Here are the 7 tips to improve the situation:

1. Your bed is facing a poison arrow from outside the window:
The sharp corner of a building or a billboard will affect your health negatively and you will succumb to illnesses easily. You should always cover your window with a curtain.

2. Avoid a protruding bean above your bed: With something hanging over your bed you will have more nightmares during your sleep. Your work pressure will increase. You are easily tired and your energy will sap. Your career and business will not prosper and your health and fortune will go from bad to worse. Change the location of your bed or renovate the ceiling so that it is flat.

3. Proper support for the bedhead: Make sure that your bed is against the wall. If it doesn’t you will lack support from important people. You will have a lot of problems at the workspace. Fill up the vacant space by building a cabinet behind it.

4. Your bed is facing the door or the toilet door: You will encounter relationship problems, legal issues, accidents and …Always keep the door closed or place a screen in between.

5. A mirror is facing your bed: It will adversely affect the relationship of the couple living in the room. The man will have affairs and the lady will find another man outside. Cover the mirror at night or relocate the mirror.

6. Lights above the bed: Avoid having lights right above your bed, it is bad for your health in the long run. Move the location of the lights.

7. Your bed is facing the main door: When you can see the main door from your bed you will not be able to hold your wealth and you will easily attract illnesses. Hang blessed ancient Chinese coins above the bedroom door and the main door to neutralize the ill effect.

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