Monday, December 22, 2008

Article Writing - 5 Essential Steps for Bloggers

Writing is not like speaking. Your writing is permanently there but your spoken words disappear. Mistakes can be located easily in writing than in speech. It pays to write correctly the first time. Here are the 5 important steps:

1. Content, goals, and your audience: Decide on a subject that is in line with the theme of your blog. The purpose of writing the article will also affect your style of presentation. Bear in mind the audience that you are addressing to and decide on the tone of the article.

2. Relevancy, style and organization: Is your content able to deliver in accordance with the article title? Do not over promise and under deliver. Write in the appropriate style to deliver the article to your readers. Organize your article seamlessly from one topic to another and from one paragraph to another. Do not write in large blocks of text. Use bullet points more often. Highlight the main words.

3. Spelling, choice of words and grammar: As English is not my first language and unlike Chinese, I have to pay attention to tenses, singular, plural and agreement. Spelling is another thorny issue. Spelling checkers cannot really discover all the mistakes. You just need to go through the whole text slowly yourself. The choice of words is also important. The right words will create an impact on your readers. The wrong choice of words will discount the value of your article. When you have done with the article, let it simmer for a while. When you come back later to take a look at it again you never know, perhaps, you can improve the quality further.

4. Someone to edit the article: When you have completed your article ask someone else to edit it for you. Two heads are better than one and errors that you have overlooked can be discovered by another person.

5. Final proofreading: Before going live read the whole article again, because glaring mistakes could have escaped you and the person who edited the article. Check the spelling one more time before posting it.

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