Friday, December 5, 2008

Keep Your Job - 7 Career Advancement Tips

We are at a turbulent time. The byword nowadays is retrenchment. So, it is crucial now to take a good hard look at your career and consolidate your position in the company. Here are the 7 career advancement tips:

1. Update yourself: Constantly expose yourself to new ideas. Take the opportunity to accept managerial training when it is offered to you. Keep yourself up-to-date is the very basis and foundation of personal and career growth. The other thing that you can do is to read other magazines that you don’t normally read. Go out and meet more people, go to unfamiliar places and do things differently.

2. Do more than your scope of work: Go beyond your area of expertise. Ask for more responsibility. Make your career more interesting and more challenging. The more you do, the more capable you are to manage complicated and intricate issues.

3. Delegation: When you allow your employees to take over the details, you gain their respect because you have indicated to them that you have faith in their ability to do the job. Another thing is that it frees yourself to do the more important work you need to do. As an example, planning and implementing your plan are some of the important aspects of your job as a leader and executive.

4. Set a high standard of performance: Do not be complacent. Do not think that your current performance is the best. Do some brainstorming and try out new ideas.

5. Chart you own career path: Put your long term goals in writing. Assess your own strength and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strong points and move ahead. Be in control of your career path. Don’t let the personnel department to decide your future. Promote yourself and move up the corporate ladder.

6. Be resilient: In the unfortunate eventuality of a retrenchment, fortify yourself with bounce-back ability. How you respond to what happens to you is more important then what happens to you. Don’t keep it to yourself, let it out. Talk to your good friend and purge yourself of the emotion you feel over the setback. Learn a lesson from it. Think about your past successes and nourish yourself. Plan ahead and take action, your career is a lifelong journey.

7. Look after your health: Your health is your greatest asset. Keep your body in shape and your mind sharp and you will be more than capable of going the extra mile to do what you need to do to reach your career goals.

Congratulate yourself when others are retrenched and you are still able to keep your job and move ahead.

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