Friday, December 26, 2008

Google's Orkut - A Social Networking Site

Orkut was voted one of the best social networking sites by (a magazine published in Malaysia) with a score of 8/10 in their April 08 issue. Joining Orkut is easy. You can sign up and login using your Gmail e-mail address the same way as you access your Blogger account.

One of its features is that you can post short comments along with photos and videos in your Scrapbook. The other cool thing is that your can add your favorite applications such as Chat Rooms, IQ Test and carrom. It has over 600 applications from their Application Directory. I have just added Mr. Bean to my home page (watch video on YouTube).

However, it is reported that 60% of the users are between the age group of 18 to 25 and 60% of them are looking for friendship. It is also highlighted that Orkut is very popular in Brazil, India and United States. It looks like there are not many senior citizens using this platform. Anyway I have joined and I will look for people sharing the same interest like mine.

Here are the other social networking sites voted by

Facebook: 9/10 8/10
Hi5: 7/10
Bebo 7/10
Friendster 6/10


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