Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Executive - 7 Good Habits to Cultivate

A capable executive is one who is able to plan, organize and monitor performance. He is able to focus on doing the right things to add the most value to the company. He also possesses influential people skills. Here are the 7 good habits to develop:

1. Maintaining a high standard of discipline and work: An effective executive is ambitious. He is able to set challenging goals and a high standard of performance so that the work is challenging and meaningful. Productivity is boosted by a team of satisfied and committed subordinates.

2. Prioritizes his work: An effective executive is result-oriented. He focuses on the important issues to achieve the best results and ignores minor tasks. He is creative and resourceful to bring about changes – more efficient work procedures, better productivity and higher yields.

3. Motivates the employees: He treats all employees with respect. He delegates challenging tasks so that the employees will become more motivated, more committed to the organization, more productive and more satisfied with their job. He shows appreciation whenever a job is done.

4. Treats all the staff fairly and equally: He is impartial and honest. He rewards his staff based on work performance. He creates high staff morale and fosters teamwork among them.

5. Open-minded: He is receptive to employees’ ideas and suggestions. When you listen and adopt suggestions given by the staff, they are more committed to the company and further improvement will take place as better ideas will be created by the staff.

6. Praises in public and criticizes in private: He knows human psychology very well. Staff morale is lifted by public recognition. The staff is further motivated to be more committed to the company.

7. Development of managerial knowledge and as a mentor to his subordinates:
A smart executive will always take advantage of education opportunities to up-date himself on knowledge relating to his area of expertise and other managerial skills. At the same time he shares his knowledge with his subordinates and helps them in their personal development and career goals.

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