Monday, December 29, 2008

Executive - 7 Bad Habits to Avoid

As an executive you should take note of the following bad habits and avoid them at all costs:

  1. Without challenging goals and a high standard of performance: Without challenging goals and a high performance standard, the staff will underperform and do shoddy work. Productivity nosedives. Staff do not find interest at work and they enjoy very little satisfaction in their job.

  1. Ignoring feedback: He fails to accept constructive criticism and workable suggestions by the subordinates. He assumes he is right and he knows everything.

  1. Criticizing staff in public: By belittling employee in public, an executive kills their enthusiasm and demoralizes them.

  1. Does not value the staff: He shows no appreciation of the staff. He takes good staff for granted without a pat on their shoulders when a job is done. He shows no respect to staff and take advantage of them for personal gain.

  1. Does not prioritize the work: He fails to do the right things at the right time. Valuable time is wasted and productivity is curtailed in putting out fire. As an example, a manager fails to initiate regular preventive maintenance and incurs losses of valuable time to cope with expensive repair.

  1. Intimidation: Instead of motivating the staff, an executive creates fear among the staff, For example, he uses the annual staff appraisal to threaten them instead of doing a proper review to highlight their strengths and weaknesses and reward their performance accordingly.

  1. Playing favoritism: Not only he creates jealousy and resentment among the staff, there is no teamwork at all. Productivity suffers in the end.

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