Monday, December 15, 2008

://URLFAN - Ranking with a Difference

You have heard of Alexa Rank and Google’s PageRank. How about your ranking based just on RSS feeds? ://URLFAN is the website doing just that.

According to them their system parses millions of blog posts that are generated every day. They filter out spam, broken links and other various materials to determine how many times your website were mentioned on a daily basis. They refer this against every other website and determine where you rank among them. Currently they are ranking the popularity of more than three million websites by parsing more than 124 million blog posts from more than 2 million blog feeds.

When you are at their website you can read about their All-Time Top 100 Ranked websites. It is a listing of the most-mentioned websites by bloggers. You can also check out the top active words of the day at Real-Time Buzz Rader. You can also go to Zeitgeist: The top buzz-worthy posts of the year to read the articles.

If you have not submitted your feed, do it now because according to ://URLFAN your blog posts will be exposed to a lot of unique visitors every day. When you add a Bumper Icon to you site ://URLFAN will promote your most active posts to a wide audience at Buzz Rader. They can also provide your website profile in real time.

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