Saturday, March 10, 2012

7 Healthy Benefits of Regular Jogging


Jogging has been part of my life since young and though now I am a baby boomer I still jog regularly two to three a week for a shorter distance.  Jogging offers mental, physical and psychological advantages:

1.       Embrace nature: You look at the sky above you and you are down on earth. I get to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and greenery along the way where I jog. It is a great feeling to enjoy the outdoors.  

2.       Sweat it out: There is no other better way to detoxify your body than to sweat profoundly after a round of jogging. There is a wonderful feeling inside out.

3.       Reduce stress: After a hard day at work in the office, the body is feeling uncomfortable. That is the reason why I choose to jog in the evening. It is the best time to release tension and reduce stress at the end of a working day. A jog will make me feel good all over. 

4.       Brain health: According to Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. in his book Brain Longevity, exercise supplies the brain with nerve growth factor, reduces stress and enhance s neuronal metabolism (Exercise increases the amount of oxygen and glucose the brain gets). Regular exercise can help the brains of active old people to be sharper than the brains of sedentary young people. It is in addition to improved blood circulation and heart fitness.

5.       Psychological perspective: After jogging I get into a state of calmness because it is also mentioned in the book, Brain Longevity, exercise enhances body image and contributes to self-confidence.

6.       Better sleep: A hard day at work follows by a jog in the evening is the best recipe to get a good night’s sleep because your body is looking forward to getting what it deserves.

7.       Better life: Jogging is a form of aerobic exercise. It boosts your energy and promote your endurance. You get to live and enjoy life vigorously.

Start jogging now and live a better life. 

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