Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging, a level playing field, is interesting, challenging and profitable in many ways. Over the years I have leant from many mistakes that I have made and here are 10 important issues to take note:      

1.      Not using attention-grabbing headlines: Words likes secrets, success, effective, free, easy, productive and numbers such as 7 and 10 are eye-catching words to use in your headlines. If your title is not good enough to capture readers’ attention, your valuable content is wasted.

2.      Too many ads: Having too many ads on your page means you are only interested in yourself. Readers are interested in your content not your ads.

3.      Write what you don’t know: if you are not coming from a financial background you do not write about personal finance.  Write what you know so that readers can learn from you and get value from reading your articles.

4.      Teach what you are not good at: If you do not have Google PageRank or Alexa Traffic Rank, you do not tell people how to get better ranking.  When you are not making money, don’t tell others how to make money on the Net.

5.      Not using relevant images: A suitable picture will enhance reading pleasure and convey message for your article. An attractive image will definitely support your content and stimulate interest for readers to read the article.

6.      Avoid distractions: Have the interest of your readers at heart, avoid flashing graphics, Pop-ups, and dark background. These things will turn readers off and get away from your blog quickly.

7.      Not Writing for your readers: You are writing for humans, not for the search engines, so write naturally and not stuffing your content with keywords. Write to express in simple and clear words and not to impress with bombastic words.
8.      Not using numbering or bullets points: Using long paragraph with big chunk of text and not highlighting important key words are no-no for writing articles on the Net. The key is to make your article scannable, so that readers will get your message easily and quickly.

9.      No consistent posting: Like managing a business, consistency is the key. Post articles regularly like daily or three times a week. Readers will know what to expect and they will come back for more.

10.  Grammar and spelling errors: Making typo mistakes tells the readers that you do not care much about your work. If you do not, nobody will. 

Please share other blogging mistakes to avoid. 

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