Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 Social Networking Sites that Drive Traffic to My Blog

Social Networking Sites that Drive Traffic to My Blog

My Alexa Traffic Rank at the moment is around 250000, and I have missed the deadline to reach 200000 by February 29, 2012 within six months by taking part in the Yakezie Challenge. I am working hard now to catch up and hope to be there as soon as possible. Here are the top 7 social networking sites that are helping me to perform better in my Alexa Traffic Rank:   

1.       Pinterest: By far it is the most effective site to generate instant traffic to my site. I only offer popular articles from my collection of posts. If an old popular post is without image, I will insert one so that I can pin it to Pinterest. While I pin one post twice a day, I also pin stories from other sources. I find the response to my pins is encouraging. I also click “like” or “repin” when I find something interesting there.   You can read this article,  7 Ways to Get Noticed at Pinterest  to know how I get things done at Pinterest. The Alexa Traffic Rank of this site is 60.

2.       Facebook: The Alexa Traffic Rank is 2. I have a personal page and a page for my blog. Every day I post quotes, one old popular posts and my new post for the day. I use Pingfm to do the posting for me.     

3.       Google+: Alexa Traffic Rank is 1. I maintain a personal page and a page for my blog. Slowly more and more people have added me or my blog to their circles. Most of them like my quotes which I post twice a day. 

4.       StumbleUpon:  Alexa Traffic Rank is 147. I have to be careful with this site because I was banned once.  I have reentered the site by using a different email address. I don’t post daily. I have to post articles from other sites before posting one of my old popular articles. Response is immediate but not too many.

5.       Myspace: I have only a handful of friends there, but according to my Blogger Stat the traffic from Myspace is terrific. The Alexa Traffic Rank is 159. As usual a mixture of popular quotes, current posts and old popular posts  are sent to Myspace via Pingfm,

6.       Twitter: I do not know the actual traffic but I have more than 1400 followers. On a daily basis I post 2 quotes twice daily.  I also post one old popular article and the latest post as soon as it is live. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 9. There are retweets and mentions about my tweets , so I think Twitter is working fine for me.    

7.       Plurk: Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 1982. One of the two founders is Alvin Woon from Malaysia. I have more than 100 friends and fans there with Karma of 93.88.

Are you taking advantage of social networking sites to drive traffic to your site? 

Charles Chua C K

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