Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Happy Are You?

How Happy Are You?

You can find out your happiness level by responding to the following statements:

1. In most ways my life is close to my ideal.
2. The conditions of my life are excellent.
3. I am satisfied with my life.
4. So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.
5. If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

Use the 1-7 scale to show your level of agreement or disagreement:

1. = strongly disagree
2. = disagree
3. = slightly disagree
4. = neither agree nor disagree
5. = slightly agree
6. = agree
7. = strongly agree

Your score:

31 to 35 extremely satisfied
26 to 30 satisfied
21 to 25 slightly satisfied
20 neutral
15 to 19 slightly dissatisfied
10 to 14 dissatisfied
5 to 9 extremely dissatisfied

The Satisfaction with Life Scale was developed by Professor Edward Diener and colleagues. Edward Diener, also known as Dr. Happy, is a founding father of happiness research at the University of Illinois.

Happy people on average have better health, live longer, seek and enjoy good social relationships and are more likely to give money to charity.


  1. fantastic, it's a good scale and i totally agree with the last statement that a person who is happy with all the aspects of the life can have the tendency to help the needy people

  2. Thanks for dropping by and your comments


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