Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to be Happy at Work

Happy at work
No doubt about it, you are happy when you enjoy what you do at work. It gives you the satisfaction of accomplishment by getting things done. You are further motivated by the appreciation shown by your boss. There are, however, other factors, equally important, contributing to your happiness at work.

1. Optimistic outlook: Are you hopeful about the future? Looking at the bright side of things and thinking positive about the future will enhance your happiness many folds.

2. Health: When you are in good health your energy is at your peak. Your mind is at ease and you can concentrate under stress. You work with full attention.

3. Connection: It is a wonderful feeling when you can get support from your network to help you to get things done. You know you are not alone and you can seek help whenever necessary from your connection

4. Sleep well: In the morning, when you see yourself in the mirror, you look cheerful. You are refreshed after a good night’s sleep. You feel good about yourself inside out.

5. Positive emotions: Fill your heart with forgiveness and love instead of hatred and resentment. Positive emotions give you peace of mind and happiness.

6. Diet: Adopt a balanced diet. Have a nutritional breakfast to kick start a new day with zest and enthusiasm. Avoid junk food and sugary drink. Food with nutritional value gives you more than just energy; your mind works better as well.

7. Take breaks: Avoid stress by taking breaks between tasks. After a break your mind is clear and you have also renewed your energy to continue working productively

8. Family: There is a delightfully feeling every morning when I leave home and go to work because I have a happy home life. The delightful feeling lingers the whole day.

9. Creativity: Invest time to think of new ways of doing things so that you can do more and get more done in less time in the office. Happiness is about effectiveness and efficiency.

10. Be organized: Get organized the night before for the following day. I have the habit of getting ready my to-do list in the evening for the next day. I am happy that things get done smoothly at home and at work. Crossing out the to-do list is real happiness for me.

All these positive factors will add more happiness at the workplace

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