Monday, June 21, 2010

7 Lessons to Learn From A Cat


A cat is a wonderful pet to be kept in the house. The pet gives us more than just companionship. Human beings can learn a lot from a cat. Here are the 7 things we can emulate from her:

1. Sharpening the claws: Have you ever noticed that from time to time your cat will scratch a wooden surface or even the tire of your car? The idea you can learn from the cat is that she is always well prepared. Its claws are always sharp. When she does catch a rat her powerful claws will do an effective job. In life we have to be well prepared and as and when an opportunity arises you will not miss it.

2. Taking breaks: The best thing I admire about a cat is that at any time it can take a restful catnap. It is restful because you have seen many funny images of cats taken while they are sleeping The thing to learn from the cat is that we have to take breaks between tasks so that we can work harder longer. Taking naps are also important to recharge our battery so that we can travel a longer distance in life.

3. Proactive approach: A cat doesn’t wait for you to approach her. It will approach you in a delightful way to get your attention. It will rub its body against yours and meowing away. Isn’t it the way we should do in life? When we are interested in others, they will in turn show interest in us. You can’t wait for people to be interested in you.

4. Exercise: Cats are playful and very flexible. They play among themselves. They run, jump, leap and twist their bodies around. They are in fact exercising. They are always in top form and very alert. Are you moving your body as much as the cats?

5. Cleanliness: Cats are very clean animals. They wipe their mouth after eating and thy lick their body to remove dirt and other foreign items from it. After shitting, they will cover it up with sand. Cleanliness is vital to protect us from disease and virus.

6. Graceful: Cats are graceful animals. They move around noiselessly in an unhurried fashion. They are cool and calm. In our daily life we should do the same. Be full of poise as the cats. It gives us an image of confidence.

7. The eyes have it: You hold up a cat and the cat will look at you directly in their eyes and purring away. It has its full attention on you. When we are talking we should also maintain eye contact and show our interest in what the other person is talking about.

A cat is an adorable animal and you may not like it but you can definitely learn a few valuable lessons from her.

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