Thursday, October 16, 2014

7 Smart Ways to Shape Your Future Now

Looking To Future
Just as our present is the result of our past, so our future will be the result of our present. Every minute of every day we are weaving threads that will make the cloth of future.’
  - Anne Spencer Parry

Your future is now. What you think, believe and do now will determine the outcome of the future. The smart way to shape the future is to do the right things now. Adopt successful habits one by one and build your strengths over time:      

1.      Be healthy now: Be active, follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Avoid bad habits like smoking, watching too much TV and sitting around all day long. Exercise every day to build energy and develop resilience to face the challenges of the future. Eat more vegetables, fruits and all things natural. Drink water throughout the day. Have enough sleep and be an early riser.

2.      Be a learner now: Skills and knowledge are indispensable   for you to survive in this competitive world. Keep leaning to update yourself and keep abreast of technological advancement.  Make changes and move forward to avoid being obsolete.

3.      Be a networker now: Networking is about building long term relationships. Get connected with positive people. Give and receive support among like-mined individuals. Networking allows you to get ideas, opportunities and be visible. Expanding your contacts is a great way to build your career and for personal growth.  

4.      Be Positive now:  Be confident of what you want in life; obstacles and setbacks are challenges to win over. Build your resilience by going head-on with problems. Choose to be happy when you get up in the morning. 

5.      Take action now: Visualize and write down your goals. Written goals are the lighthouse in your life. It guides the  way you have envisaged and do what is important in your life.
Take the first step and the next. You can plan so much but you have to start moving

6.      Build your brand now:  Build a positive character. Be honest, trust-worthy and live with integrity. It takes a long time to establish a reputable brand and with one wrong move you will destroy your reputation quickly. So watch your words and actions.

7.      Be a master of money now: Do not compare with others but live your own life within your means and avoid getting into debt. Be responsible in money matters to be credit worthy. Start the habit of savings early to take advantage of compound interest over time .Learn to invest and build your wealth. Money may not be everything in your life but you can live without it.   

“There is no moment more precious than the exact moment they are living. And that exact moment has a lot to do with how future moments play out.”
― Obert Skye, Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo

Your life is about what you do now. You will reap what you sow.

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