Monday, October 13, 2014

20 Simple Ways to Have a Great Day

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A great day is a day when you are happy, full of energy, productive and the world is in your hand. This list will definitely inspire you; uplift your spirits and kick-start a brand new great day for you:  

1.      Be early: You are in control when you start a new day early. There is no rushing about to get things done because you are ahead of others and you can attend to your tasks one thing at a time gracefully. 

2.      Be ready: It means you are organized and prepared for a new day. More likely than not you are armed with a to-do list and set your priority to conquer a new day with confidence.  

3.      Be happy:  Decide to be cheerful when you get up. Happiness will translate into positivity for you to greet a new day delightfully.

4.      Be energetic: Are you an active person? The more active you are the more energetic you will be. Exercise daily to boost your energy and enthusiasm.

5.      Be different: Don’t travel your usual route to work. Go by a new way. Think of a new way to get a job done. Have lunch in another outlet. Color you life and be different.

6.      Be calm: Calmness is about serenity and it brings focus and concentration at work. You are at ease and you are not easily distracted. Here are a dozen ways to help you stay calm.

7.      Be mindful: To live a great day is to live from moment to moment knowing what you are doing at each moment. Your mind is not wondering about but paying full attention to the task at hand. When it is time to relax and unwind you really let your hair down.

8.      Be purposeful: Everything that you do has a purpose.  It is related to your vision, mission and goals in life. A great day is a day which you live with purpose and passionate about what you do.

9.      Be positive: Positivity sees light at the end of the tunnel and looks at a glass as half full. With a positive mental attitude, a problem is a challenge to take on and win over. 

10.  Be creative: Be resourceful, think of a better way to get a task done more efficiently.

11.  Be inspired: Be motivated by this list and enjoy a great day. This list will improve your well-being and outlook in life. Every new day will bring you more joy than before.

12.  Be active: An active lifestyle promotes energy. Exercise every day like jogging in the great outdoors to embrace nature and be healthy and fit  

13.  Be simple: Avoid small stuff and work on things that are important in your life. Manage your time well and bring the desired results at the end of a day.

14.  Be yourself: Live your life the way you want to be and not what others expect you to be. Be free, be yourself.

15.  Be thankful: Think of what you have and you will know you are living in abundance. Be appreciative of your employer, you family and your friends. They are supporting you and they are the meaning in your life. 

16.  Be hopeful: Hope is a form of energy to spur you to carry on living a great life. Always look forward to having more great days ahead of you.

17.  Be flexible: Technology is about changes. Be willing to do thing differently and move forward in life.      

18.  Be curious: You will lean when you want to know more. Read books, surf the net and learn something new every day.

19.  Be helpful: Be kind and compassionate. Find out what you can do for others in one way or another. A great day is a day that you can give freely. 

20.  Be friendly: Greet people you meet. Smile at strangers. Say thank you to the cashier who has just served you.

    Every morning, my dad would have me looking in the mirror and repeat, 'Today is going to be a great day; I can, and I will. - Gina Rodriguez

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