Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Smart Ways to be Productive at Work

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To be productive is to work smart. The most important thing is to identify those important things that you want to accomplish and how you want to get done efficiently and effectively. Here are some smart ways to be productive without being stressful:  

1.      In the morning: The beginning of a new day is always packed with freshness of the mind and fullness in energy for you to tackle the most important and complex issues of the day. It is assumed that you have had a good night’s sleep. Get it done in the morning and you will be pleased to get other things done like a piece of cake. 

2.      Work with your heart: You do a thorough job when you are interested in what you do. You work with focus and enthusiasm. You take pride in your work and things get done once and for all. 

3.     Take breaks: Taking breaks is to refresh your mind and restore energy for the task ahead of you. Run some errands and walk about. Productivity diminishes when you work continuously because fatigue sets in; mistakes occur and you will be wasting time to redo it. 

4.      Take your lunch break: It is a wise thing to get out and enjoy your lunch outside of your workplace. It is good to have a change of environment to unwind and regain your balance. 

5.      One task at a time: Do not worry about other things you need to attend to. Focus on the task at hand and work with concentration. It is less stressful and more productive. 

6.      Clutter-free desk: Remove everything else out of the way and work with tools required for the job at hand. Looking for something you need in a messy desk is frustrating.  

7.      Attend to things immediately: In the midst of doing your work you get interrupted by a phone call or a message,  act on it  immediately if it takes  only a few minutes. Write it down if you need to attend to it later.

8.      Established a routine: A daily routine is like a good habit. Over time you have found out the best sequence of getting various things done in a day. Just stick to it. As an example it is good to do some serious work in the morning, after lunch you can do tasks that are not so demanding and in the evening you review what you have done for the day and plan ahead to work   more productively in another new day.   

9.      Start work early: Go to work ahead of others so that you can work with peace and without disturbance. While others have just arrived for work you can have a cup of coffee to celebrate getting done an important assignment.  

10.  To-do list: In the evening the day before or in the early morning you prepare a list. When you do it you are actually thinking and planning ahead. You give priority to important tasks. This list mentally prepared yourself positively for the day ahead of you. It is a relief for you when each task is done and you cross it out.   

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” 

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  1. From my experience, there are not a lot of people who want to be productive at work in various places of business. ;) But, for people who do want to be productive, this list is very important!

    My husband always works through his lunch break, and I always tell him that he would probably be more productive if he would just take a walk and give his mind a break. It is amazing at how much more energy and ability you have to do things when you take breaks! What would take a tired mind and hour can be done in 5 minutes by a rested mind, and that rest doesn't take very long.


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