Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Things You Should Not Say To Your Boss

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Have you ever said such words to your boss? It is possible that your mental attitude decides what to say at work. Think positive before you utter these self-destructive words. These negative words will jeopardize your career prospect and future advancement:

1.      I am late: You are familiar with your daily routine and the traffic situation along the way to work. There is no excuse to be late. You can’t even tell your boss your car breaks down. It is your job to service your car and maintain it in tip-top condition. The best thing to do is to get up early and go to work early.

2.      I am busy: It only discloses your weaknesses at work. You are not organized and cannot prioritize your work. Prepare a to-do list and identify one or two important tasks and get to work first thing in the morning when you are full of energy.   

3.      I can’t: Nobody expects you to know everything. It is for you to ask for help. It is a golden opportunity to learn new things and be more knowledgeable.

4.      I don’t know: It is for you to find out. Your couldn’t-care-less answer is an indication that you are not interested in your work and the company where you work. Be curious and be interested in what you do in order to make progress in life.  

5.      Not my area: Your answer disappoints your boss and paints a negative picture of you. It is a chance to widen your scope of work and build your career prospect for the future. You may be head of the company instead of just one department one fine day.

6.      I think: Check it out and be sure of your answer. Say you will find out immediately and get the right information.

7.      I’ll try: It is not an answer. Your boss wants a firm date from you to get a job done. Be confident and come up with a due date to complete the task.

8.      I always do it this way: Be willing to learn from others. Be flexible and make changes to get a thing done more efficiently. 

9.      It’s too much work: You are hired to work; just do it without procrastinating and you will find out it is done sooner than expected.

10.  Not my fault: Be responsible and do not blame others.  Learn from the mistake and more on instead of looking for excuses. You boss is only interested in getting things done and nothing else. 

Avoid saying dumb things to your boss. Be confident and be wise when you deal with your boss and present your best self

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. - Norman Vincent Peale

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